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Professional- licensure, reimbursement, other

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Clinton A. Brawner

CEPs & verbal orders 4 149

Clinton A. Brawner

Licensure/Accreditation (webinar f/up) 2 66

Clinton A. Brawner

New CPT codes & reimbursement 2 55

Clinton A. Brawner

Where does the ACSM EP-C fit in licensure and reimbursement 2 55

Clinton A. Brawner

Certification is voluntary 2 51

Carol Harrison

clinical exercise physiologist career progression 2 119

Mary Stauder

Exercise Physiologist vs Personal Trainer/Fitness Professional (non-medical setting) 2 347

Rachel Trope

Reimbursement for CEP 5 1024

Nicholas Lionetti

CEP vs AT and PT 4 337

Eliot Bank

Private RCEP and Medicare 2 179

Lori Saiia

Phase 3 Cardiac Rehab 3 215

Lori Saiia

Million Hearts initiative 3 156

Mark Patterson

RN vs CEP 3 235

Tim Werner

Accreditation of Graduate and Undergraduate Programs 2 250

Robert Berry

How important is licensure? 4 304

Tim Werner

Which certifications/credentials should clinical exercise physiologists obtain while practicing in this profession and why? 2 263