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Thank you Clinton. I should’ve started by saying that I am working towards a bachelors degree in exercise science with concentration on exercise physiology and I will be doing a minor in neuroscience. Your advice was really helpful it gives me an idea of the thinks I should start working on. I want to get familiar with everything in this field to increase my chances to work in a high level clinic. Thank you for replying.

Henry D.

Henry: Not knowing anything about the academic program you are in and whether it is a bachelors or masters degree program, the following will be broad.

  1. Hopefully you have or will take courses that cover pathophysiology, ECG, cardiac medications, clinical exercise testing, and exercise prescription for patients with chronic disease.
  2. Select an internship site that will be hands-on, not just observation, and at an institution that will provide you a broad experience with a variety of patient populations. See my prior post with link about getting the most out of an internship.
  3. Plan to complete ACSM’s Clinical Exercise Physiology exam shortly after completing your internship hours. With a bachelors degree you will need 1,200 hours of clinical internship and/or experience to sit for the exam; 600 hours with a masters degree.
  4. Develop a plan to continue to learn and stay current in the field. That may include reviewing the table of contents for several professional journals as well as obtaining formal continuing education (eg, webinars, conferences).
  5. Maintain a membership with CEPA and other organizations that are relevant to the field you work in and your interests.
  6. Don’t get frustrated if you experience difficulties obtaining your preferred job. You may have to initially work in a role that you feel is “below” your training.


Good luck- Clinton

Hi everyone I am currently a student and I love physiology and to help others. I’ll be a junior this upcoming fall and I’ll be doing a mini internship and a big internship my last semester of college. During this summer I’ve been thinking on what can I do to be a great exercise physiologist. I want to start gaining experience and overall knowledge of this career I know I will gain experience on the internships that I will do in college but I want more. It would be nice if someone could give me some advice on what can I do to gain extra knowledge So when I graduate I can be a good candidate for a high level position at a clinic or hospital.
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