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Private RCEP and Medicare
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Eliot: I'm not aware of exercise-related services, other than cardiac rehab and PAD rehab, that are covered for Medicare-beneficiaries. Obesity counseling is covered when delivered by physicians and advanced practice providers. Diabetes prevention programs and kidney disease education programs are also covered for approved providers. The article by Nerenz, The Affordable Care Act and Coverage for Exercise Rehabilitation Services (JCEP; 2016:5(3)) might interest you. Assuming you provide services as an independent contractor to physician practices, consider how you can convince the medical group to pay you directly so they can promote access to your services as a benefit to their patients. Admittedly, that is easier said then done.
I'm looking for some help and guidance on what exercise therapies (not PT) are covered by medicare (aside from Cardiac rehab). I recently heard that there are some codes out there to cover exercise with diabetics and obesity exercise programs, yet I cannot find any information on the web. Does anyone know of these things? How can I find the codes?
As a private CEP who works with doctors, I am hoping to be able to offset patient/client costs by accepting medicare/insurance. I just cannot find codes
Thanks in advance
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