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Wireless Evercise Testing eqip
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Hi Marie,

I work at a hospital that has the Phillips ST80i machines, they are very nice to work with and I prefer them over any machine that still uses long cords to connect the patient to the computer. I love them!

The issues with connection are minimal, turning the wifi button on and off usually does the trick. You need to be careful about how you clean the wires and box as to not soak the ports in cleaner but other than that, the machines are perfect and zero issues with artifact (that aren't fixed with proper placement, scratch tape, etc).

Connectivity issues, thank you for letting me know. We already have those issued with the ICD interrogation device. Didn't think aboutbvb that with a treadmill.

Also, I guess they already purchased a new treadmill without bluetooth capability anyways.

Thanks again,


Hi Marie- We have the Mortara wireless ECG in our exercise testing lab that was included with the MGC CardiO2 metabolic cart. I was initially hesitant, but have come to appreciate one less trip hazard for patients and staff. Not sure about less artifact. We have never had an issue with artifact, but we use alcohol on a 4x4 gauze to clean the skin, followed by abrading the skin with ECG prep tape (eg, sand paper). We have experienced some communication issues between the transmitter and receiver. Send me an email ( if you want to know more about our experience with the MGC CardiO2.

At the last ACSM conference I attended, I saw exercise testing equipment that was wireless. No long chords hanging from the pt. The salesmen also said there is far less artifact on the tracings.

Anyone used one of these new GXT machines with bluetooth/wireless and software that reduces artifact?, would live to hear your thoughts!

Thank you,

Marie RN, CEO

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