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CEPA 2015 Clinical Exercise Physiology Practice Survey

Dennis J. Kerrigan, David E. Verrill, Aaron W. Harding, Kelly Drew
Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiology. 2017;6(1):9-16. | Download PDF |Download Supplement

In this paper we report the results of the 2015 clinical exercise physiology practice survey conducted by the Clinical Exercise Physiology Association. The survey was completed by 1,271 individuals who reported working as a clinical exercise physiologist in the United States without having a concomitant degree or certification in another allied health field (e.g., dietitian).

CEPA 2010 Clinical Exercise Physiology Practice Survey

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Executive Summary

In 2010 the Clinical Exercise Physiology Association (CEPA) conducted the Clinical Exercise Physiology Practice Survey. The purpose of this survey was to collect employment data including salary, scope of work, patient base, and job responsibilities among practicing clinical exercise physiologists.
Over 800 people participated in the survey that was delivered via the internet. The median age was 36-40 years and 68% were women. Ninety-four percent worked in the United States and 4% in Canada. The majority of respondents (82%) worked primarily with patients with cardiovascular disease. In addition, 749 (92%) clinical exercise professionals reported having a bachelor’s degree or higher and did not report a concomitant degree or certification for another profession (e.g., not a dietitian, nurse, etc.).

Among the 749 clinical exercise professionals:
  • 86% reported working full-time.
  • 26% reported a bachelor’s degree and 67% had a master’s degree.
  • 81% reported an ACSM clinical exercise certification.
Among the clinical exercise professionals who reported full-time employment:
  • Median annual salary was $47,501-$50,000.
  • Salary increased with years of experience.
  • Median annual salary was $5,000 higher among those with an ACSM clinical exercise certification compared to those without.
  • Across regions within the United States, the highest median annual salary was $57,501-$60,000 reported by participants from the western region of the United States.