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Clinical Exercise Physiology Association
...advancing the profession of clinical exercise physiology

CEPA is an affiliate society of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). As an affiliate society, CEPA is autonomous, but operates with administrative support from ACSM. CEPA, along with ACSM, is committed to the development of CEPA as an independent, self-sufficient professional organization.

Statement of Purpose

The primary purpose of CEPA is to advance the scientific and practical application of clinical exercise physiology for the betterment of the health, fitness, and quality of life for patients at high risk or living with a chronic disease.

The focus of CEPA is to advance the profession of clinical exercise physiology through advocacy, education, and career development.
As a professional network, CEPA is dedicated to:
  • Enhancing the communication between clinical exercise physiologists by fostering and promoting the interchange of ideas, offering mutual support and encouraging professional development.
  • Improving clinical practice by promoting established standards for programs, personnel, and facilities.
  • Working with employers and the public to promote the knowledge base and skill set of the clinical exercise physiologist.
  • Promoting scientific inquiry and advancement of education for clinical exercise physiologists and for the public related to exercise and its application in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and special medical conditions.
  • Cooperating with other professional organizations, health care providers, insurers, legislators, scientists and educators with the same or related concerns.
  • Supporting the development and maintenance of quality care.
  • Supporting the efforts of the ACSM.