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Exercise Testing

Stress Testing Cert for MDs
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Amy, I do not know of any specific plain GXT certifications personally but could check with any local med schools to see if might be able to shadow.

Here at Kaiser Permanente Colorado, we had residents at our neighboring hospital come over to get some experience, again, nothing formal, but seems beneficial for them.

Thanks, I'm aware. We have an external cardiologist who currently reads them. We're just looking for something for a physician for backup (vacation, etc).

Thanks, I am familiar with this. Because they aren't "actually" diagnostic, I was hoping that I could find something where this wasn't the case.

You may also find the recent AHA scientific statement helpful regarding supervised exercise testing by nonphysicians.

Amy: You might be aware that the ACC/AHA has a clinical competency statement for staff who conduct exercise stress tests. Here it is in case you are not familiar with it...

It might be difficult to achieve the competencies in the manner described in ACC/AHA statement. I've not heard of a workshop for general exercise testing. There are some workshops for cardiopulmonary exercise testing.

I perform simple GXTs with an EKG only for NASA certifications. I'm looking for a class/cert for the doctors to get comfortable reading GXTs. They are not cardiologists. Any suggestions?

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