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Fall Risk Assessment Tools
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We use the CDC STEADI Fall Risk Questions...

Have you fallen in the past year?

Do you feel unsteady when standing or walking?

Do you worry about falling?

There are many; depends on the client; must determine where success ends and failure begins:

From easiest to hardest:

Berg Balance Scale

FAB-10 (Fullerton Advanced Balance)

FMS (Functional Movement Screen -Gray Cook)

I always include a power test, a get down-up floor test, gait speed …. Basically depends on client’s NEEDS and wants.

Remember, balance is dynamic; static balance tests are one aspect of balance, and balance is is one aspect of ‘freedom to MOVE, GO, WORK and PLAY!


We use a few fall assessment questions similar to what is build into EPIC when we do their walk test assesment. We will also do a single leg stand test. <5 sec high fall risk, 5-10 sec mod risk, >10 sec low risk


I’ve used the Dione egress test in the past and had good success. It’s simple and quick with just 3 reps of sit to stand, 3 steps of marching in place and having the patient step forward and back. And simply watching the patient walk into/around the department is always helpful as well.

I was hoping to find out what fall risk assessment tools are currently being used across the field. I currently work in cardiac rehab and we use a frail scale store along with our best judgement to assess fall risk.

Can anyone tell me which ones have been used or know of ones that are helpful in assessing pt fall risk?

We are looking to review our fall risk tools/assessments and make some changes to benefit our high-risk patients.

Any input would be appreciated, thank you in advanced!

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