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Exercise Prescription & Programming

Ex Rx and AAA
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Spot on, Jessica. HEAVY STRAINING is the issue, which for many could be moving furniture, shoveling heavy wet snow, doing something VERY VERY HARD.

Be conservative at the start. Progress in small increments. Be sure you deliver on what the client needs to improve QOL, and maintain autonomy, the freedom to GO & DO, for ALAP.

👍🏔 Pat

We have a questionaries that we send to the doctor who is watching the AAA. We ask for BP parameters and hand weight limit if any. Most docs sent typical BP limits and are good with most exercises. We have found that it depends on how stable the AAA is and how long they have been following it. Older more stable AAA tend to have less restrictions than a newer finding. Locally, our surgeons won't operate until the AAA is >5cm.

How do you prescribe exercise, especially weight training, when your patient has AAA? Does size matter? LOL

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