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Thanks Alastair, you bring up a very valid point. As of right now the Registry of Clinical Exercise Physiologists is a US-based registry. The rationale behind this decision stems from the need to clearly define our scope of practice, which becomes exceedingly difficult when factoring differences between countries.

That being said, one strength of CEPA is our international partnerships and finding a way to acknowledge individuals like yourself needs to be considered. My hope is that much discussion will come out of this and that this issue you bring up will be thoughtfully considered by our leadership.

Also, I welcome other comments about this or other registry related comments.
In response to the recent CEPA email I just had a quick look over the Registry and don’t appear to have been added. I'm a current CEPA member and I'm both ACSM PD and RCEP certified, so do meet the criteria for inclusion. That said, I'm UK based and mindful that some countries have their own registry in place. I wondered if this has perhaps been a consideration in compiling the current Registry listings?
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