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Negotiating Salary and Experiences with Profession...
kristen dempsey

What are peoples' experiences with trying to negotiate salaries as a CEP?

As a follow up from the webcast earlier today about Compensation Strategies hosted by Trent and Matt Thomas, suggestions were given about how to advocate for higher/comparable pay, which were great suggestions (ie. get the stakeholders in the discussion, use BLS data and CEPA salary survey data). What happens when you've taken some or all of those steps and yet still aren't seeing change?

Curious as to what people's experiences are with this and if you have been successful, could you share how you achieved a change?

Brittany Overstreet

This is a great question, Kristen. Here in Delaware we are starting this process so I can't tell you if we have or have not been successful but it is important to realize this will take time to really think through these topics, collect the information we need, have initial conversations with key players - all in preparation for making the full push to make this change. I hope to report back with a positive response in the near future.

kristen dempsey

Thanks for your thoughts, Brittany

Marie Church

When I first started applying for EP jobs I had a nurse ask me if I even had an Anatomy or a Physiology, that was in 1990.

The staff's at hospitals really know very little of what classes we take to obtain a degree in EP.

If you interview at a hospital/ clinic educate them in what classes you took. Give then examples of your EP lab work and calculations and sell yourself as why you would be best an incredible asset to work in TMST or Cardiac rehab.

I was advised then as well, that the hospital was unable to bill for an EP because they were

"not licensed."

In order for me to get a job in treadmill testing and pay a mortgage, I had to become an registered nurse to get a job in TMST. We have nurses who had no training in exercise prescription running Cardiac Rehab. We need exercise physiologists, unfortunately the clinics I work at don't know it yet.

Sorry for rambling on and on

kristen dempsey

Thanks for your response, Marie.

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