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Exercise Prescription & Programming

Exercise logging apps
Peggy Kraus

We're looking for a way for patients to communicate both their at-home-generated health data (BP, HR, BG, SpO2) and their home exercise program info with us.

Ideally, this method would be free and HIPPA compliant.

I'd appreciate any ideas.

Mark Patterson

Hi Peggy. We are toying with some "virtual rehab" options here. In this case we would have to create a patient portal into our system to make it secure. Our Southern California group works with Samsung on this, but while the patients do not incur costs outside of rehab copays for any in person visits, still not super easy to set up. Not sure you could guarantee that with any free or low cost apps.

Peggy Kraus

Thanks Mark for your reply. That sure sounds like a big project, one that our IT department would likely turn down. But it is an option to incorporate it into the patient portal. Thanks again!

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