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CEPs doing stress test in Wyoming
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Hi Ashley!

Got you! If you have the 11th Edition of ACSM's GETP, see pp. 117-118. Testing staff, first sentence mentions the CEP. Also, have you checked the AACVPR?

Hope this helps. Cheers! Pat

Hi Pat,

I work in a clinical setting in Cardiac Rehab. I am just looking for if anyone knows of sources that I could look into that I can show Exercise physiologist are able to conduct Stress tests. I am one of the only EPs that work in cardiac rehab in Wyoming that I know of. And they say only nurses can do stress tests here so I am just trying to gather as much info as I can.

Thank you,


Hi Ashley.

Tell me more about what you are looking for. I live in Big Sky, MT, and just underwent a VO2max, lactate and all, TM GXT. It was in a Physical Therapy clinic, administered by an Exercise Physiologist, MS. NO physician present! Granted, I am very low risk and have been training for 40+ years.

Do you need a clinical setting with ECG? As in a Cardiac REhab setting?

Let me know!

Cheers! Pat

These policies seem to be mostly institution dependent. The American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association Clinical Competence statement on exercise stress tests include exercise physiologists as providers who are qualified to perform exercise stress tests as long as a physician is 'in the immediate vicinity or on the premises' (see Rodgers et al., 2000). Unfortunately, most of these kinds of issues are rooted in lack of universal requirements for universal professional certification or licensure.

Ashley, I would encourage you to read and share the following AHA Scientific Statement referenced with any potential employers: Myers, J. et a.,(2014) Supervision of Exercise Testing by Nonphysicians. Circulation. 130:1014-1024 DOI: 10.1161/CIR.0000000000000101 You should be able to download the article in Pubmed or htp://

Hi Ashley! Great question. I do not have any specific resources for Wyoming however (as you know) CEPs perform CPET in many settings across the country. You could refer to the CEP job task analysis to demonstrate the this is within our skillset. Franklin et al. 2009 (Exercise Physiologist's role in clinical practice) is another great resources that has a section regarding CEPs and CPET. Of course local laws and facility policies might restrict you but this should be well within our general CEP capabilities. I hope this helps.

I know this a weird discussion but I was wondering if anyone could by chance or would know of any resources in Wyoming for CEPs to do stress testing her in Wyoming. The hospital I work at say that only nurses are able to conduct the stress tests according to the Department of Nursing but I cannot seem to find anything there.

So if anyone could give me some references or places to do research that would be great!

Thank you

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