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Input needed - Tasks/Objectives for CEP role
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thank you!

Thanks! Yes - I was surprised that my former student's role was separate from the CR department all together but it sounds like they are reworking job descriptions and that might change in the future. Appreciate the input!

Hi Brittany

It sounds like your describing a very typical Phase 1 Cardiac Rehabilitation position. The places I've filled that role, we were responsible for teaching post open heart surgery patients ROM exercises, how to use their incentive spirometer, daily ambulation, and documenting vitals pre and post ambulation. One place had us do O2 titration and pulse oximetry to wean patients off supplemental O2.We provided a similar service for MI and PCI patients.

We also did the discharge instructions for all patients in the hospital with a diagnosis that was eligible for outpatient Phase 2 CR including medication instruction, reviewing any activity restrictions, and provided them with a home walking program as well getting them connected with a Ph 2 CR program.

Prior to CMS deciding to cover HFrEF, we also provided education on sodium restriction, importance of daily weight monitoring, medication compliance and when to call your physician.

This is a pretty gross oversimplification of Phase 1 duties and responsibilities. It's a really valuable role, but there's no reimbursement for it so when times get lean it's often one of the first things to get the axe.

Hi. I've have previously worked in this role and our hospital network continues to employ CEPs in the acute care setting. The team works with patients on progressive post-procedure ambulation and active ROM exercises. They provide patient and family education on cardiac conditions, risk factor management, activity restrictions, and outpatient cardiac rehab. Patients are provided with a discharge ExRx to follow until they enter cardiac rehab. They also have done pre-surgical education when the patient receives their pre-operative testing to better help the patient understand their upcoming hospital course. However, there are some sites that prefer this be completed by an RN.

Hi all, I have a former student who is working as a Exercise Physiologist in a step down surgical unit looking after individuals who are recovering from open heart surgery. They are looking to increase her roles/responsibilities. After speaking with her about the million hearts initiative to increase referrals to CR, improve patient education and sending along the CEP job task analysis, I think we have some good ideas but I'd love to hear from anyone who is in a similar situation or has worked in this setting in the past. What were your day to day responsibilities?

For anyone not in this role please feel free to comment on what you might expect a trained CEP to be able to contribute in this climate! I'm looking for any and all ideas to ensure we don't overlook anything as we work on a job description. Great to see CEPs being included in more roles throughout the hospital.

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