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Which certifications/credentials should clinical e...
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This is always a tricky one, but there are different view points.

1. Whatever your employer requires - right or wrong, maybe what they want is not the best fit, it is what they require. That being said, once you are in, you might be able to educate them about what may be more appropriate for your role.

2. I am always in favor of your degree and experience being most important, then a certification is second. It tells the employer more about you than an exam that tries its best to let someone know you meet the basic requirements.

3. Responsibilities, scope of practice for the job.

If you are performing stress testing and there is no one else watching directly over your shoulder, then a Masters degree with an ACSM CEP/RCEP is what I would look for.

If you are working in secondary prevention/rehab and you are working with folks a couple of weeks from a cardiovascular event, then either a bachelors or masters with a ACSM CEP/RCEP is reasonable.

If you work with a less acute population and there are other more clinically oriented staff available, then a non-clinical exercise physiologist or in some cases a personal trainer certification may be OK.
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