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Accreditation of Graduate and Undergraduate Progra...
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Tim: Great comment! I absolutely agree. This is a major challenge for employers because there are strong, clinically-focused, bachelor degree programs and graduate programs that are less than adequate. The only accreditation model for exercise science/physiology programs in the US today is CAAHEP ( As of today, there are only 8 CAAHEP-accredited Clinical Exercise Physiology programs in the US. This accreditation is at the graduate level. There is no Clinical Exercise Physiology accreditation at the undergraduate level. ASEP accredits academic programs (4 listed), but I don't what standards ASEP is using for their process. Side note, the Australian licensure model depends on accredited academics and does not have a certification exam.
Professions like physical therapy, dietetics, nursing, medicine, etc., require all students to attend and graduate from appropriately accredited programs within their respective field. Credentialing and program accreditation facilitate the need for state licensure. Should all programs in clinical exercise physiology/exercise physiology become accredited by CoAES thus raising the standards, credibility, and accountability of our profession and perhaps provide practitioners a better argument for insurance reimbursement?
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