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Million Hearts initiative
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Thank you Robert! That's exactly what I need!
The Million Hearts Initiative is a multi-disciplinary coalition of organizations (CEPA is a member) aiming to increase national participation rates of patients eligible for early outpatient (Phase 2) Cardiac Rehabilitation from the current ~ 20-25% to 70% by the year 2022. Towards this end they've come up with several strategies for streamlining the referral process and minimizing delays in program enrollment.

Recommendations can be found here: Million Hearts Partnerships. Also, you can email Million Hearts at Million Hearts to be added to the invitation list and participate in quarterly conference calls to share best practices and strategies.
Does anyone have experience dealing with the Million Hearts initiative? I would like to get my healthcare system involved but not sure how/where to start??
Thanks for any help or guidance!
Lori Saiia, CEP
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